Ewwww. I didn’t think anyone would look here. No – don’t go, now that your’re here, let me tell you a little about myself.

My cold-sore is much better. I get some medicine from the pharmacy (thank you to everyone for putting forward their suggestions though. I will remember them). The swelling has gone down alot but it was pretty dicy for a while. I looked like one of those people who sell human organs on the black market. It wasn’t good.

i have decided to not be grumpy about work but instead to see it as an opportunity. I will stay where I am until the end of March and then I will go travelling for April and then come back and hopefully get some work with a temp agency. I contacted a few of them today and they seemed quite good. That way I can see a bit more of this great nation. I might quit sooner if the temp agancies are prompt. I just figure it is easier for me to earn money in Australia anyway so i’ll not worry too much. I might try to learn to type a bit better though. I am a bit slow and mainly use the same few fingers.

I have put a few more pictures up in the galleries section. They are mostly of my house. I took a photo of my deformed face but I can only put that up when I am completely cured. How was everyones valentines? One of the young guys at work was having a bit of a breakdown about having to work on valentines day. I felt bad about it but I also giggled a bit.

The number of comments written by my loyal readership total 194. So 6 more and I’ll get to 200. Keep ’em coming.Give me suggestions of the places I should go for my first Canadian trip. Nice to hear from you Mrs James. Tell your friends.


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30 07 2008

Business Cashual is a lifestyle.
It’s about goin’ further than you thought you could.
By keepin’ it business Cashual.

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