Press Release: The eBC Market Just Expanded

4 11 2009

There I was trying to figure out how to expand some markets. The biggest markets are lifestyles–like eBusiness Casual (eBC). Prior to this point, I mostly thought of eBC as something for youth groups and adults. Bang! Just like that I had a pivotal moment. I remembered that kids are eBC too! What a breakthrough. Below is a picture of me and a three year old kid. Notice the hand held device in his hands and the headset I am wearing. Also, he is wearing a 3 button polo shirt (likely from Old Navy) who is completely eBC. The lifestyle, the vision, the grandeur, the glory, the connections, the movement, the eBCerience of the eBC expreience is risin’. Makin’ money is easy, when you keep it eBusiness Casual. Go get it!

“That’s the end of the press release.” Said Silver, co-founder eBusiness Casual (eBC).


How casual should e-mail messages be?

2 11 2009

Great article via, How Casual Should e-mail messages be?

As these important issues are brought to the forefront, eBC will grow as a lifestyle, a movement.

We love you eBC.