Victoria’s Secret Signs Partnership with eBC

27 01 2009

eBC had a very eBC eBCerience yesterday.  Whilst jivin the jive and walkin the walk in the board room, four of my mobile assistants alerted me all at once that I had just recieved something very important in the most eEmotional of my email accounts – the one that deals with all things eBC.  It seems as though someone I know picked up on a very important trend – that is – that eBC and femininity might be a bit closer to reality.  That’s right.  Victoria’s Secret is eBC.

Great Find CJ.  What’s up DJ?

We love you eBC!

Keep it eBC

Keep it eBC


Microsoft – NOT eBC!

23 01 2009


Happy Happy Hour

23 01 2009


too casual

13 01 2009

Guy Guy brought up a great issue. When do things get too eBC?
Is this too ebC?

Is this too EBC?  You tell me

Is this too EBC? You tell me

How do we live?

12 01 2009

homeless-man-close-upMany years ago some eBC buddies and I were entertaining ourselves down in SoCal. Out on the street we were approached by a pretty messed up and smelly guy. He was eating something that was loosely wrapped in dirty tin foil. It looked like bread (could have been meat, could have been cake, could have been meat-cake). Anyway, he asked us for some spare change,  so a couple of us offered him what little we had in our pockets. Upon receiving this small gift he offered us each a bite of his knarly supper in return. When we all kindly declined the offer he said one of the greatest things ever. He offered it to us again and said “Come on please take some –  “How do we live?” How do we live? – We still didn’t take a bite because that shit was nasty – but the sentiment was not lost for a second and I and others have been saying it for years now.

Whenever you ask someone for something, offer them something back – no matter how little or seemingly inadequate, and say “How do we live?”

“How do we live?”  – We live eBC.

The Groovies

11 01 2009 is the Movie Review channel of  Stay tuned for a ton of announcements.

The First ever Groovy review is that of Slumdog Millionaire.

Three groovies out of three.

Warning: Though the rating is high, this movie is extremely intense.  There was a scene that almost made me vomit.  I almost walked out of the theatre.  My Personal Apprentice begged me not to leave.  I stayed.  I’m glad I did.

When your destiny is clear, it’s as if the whole world conspires to help you achieve it. That’s exaclty how we roll here at eBC.

We love you eBC.


My Guide

My Guide

eBC Announcement

10 01 2009

Last evening, experienced what it feels like to reach and see itself through an important inflection point.

This blog is  an enabling suite of tools that empower you to organically grow eBC relationships.

The inflection point came last night at approximately 9:38 PM.  I attended an award show and was walking over to the after party.  A sudden realization passed between my left and right hemispheres.  I needed a sponsor.

Inflection points mean change, and you need to be willing.  I realized that though this portal has been boootstrapped to date, I needed a sponsor to get me into the party.  This was the first time I needed anything.  A coldness began at the top of my head and reached all the way down through my physicality.  I felt it at the tips of my toes.

Could I do it?  Could I ask for outside help?  Could I take on a sponsor? I remembered that makin’ money is easy, when you keep it eBusiness Cashual.

Making eye contact with the security detail at the entry, I went to shake his hand.  Seeing the wristband on my wrist, he flowed “You’re good to go brother.”

I looked down at my wrist and realized that is a place for friends.  They were my sponsor into the party.  I never would have been able to get in if the security hadn’t seen that THE place for friends must be my friend.  That’s how eBusiness Cashual works.  Micro sponsorships.  Helpin’ out.  All for the greater good.  All fostered and piped through this enabling portal.

Thanks  You were my first sponsor.  You empowered me to empower myself through an inflection point.   Andy Grove preaches Only the Paranoid Survive.  eBusiness Cashual has quite a different philosophy.  Micro kindness builds a store of energy that compounds cash flows at the exponential rate.


We love you eBC.