How close is too close?

10 12 2008

Getting too closeAlot (I mean alot-alot) of eBC readers have written in and asked me…  “Guy Guy –  I understand that being eBusiness casual requires mixing business with pleasure, but how close is too close?” – Well I understand the problem. You really want to be friends and stay cool, but you also have to get some business done. How do you know where to draw the line?

Here are my 5 tips for keeping it eBusiness casual, without getting too close:

1. Feel free to discuss business at happy hour, but don’t get so drunk that you start grabbing your crotch and saying – Fuck it! every time someone else says something.

2. Of course you need to get paperwork signed – just don’t be a dick about it.

3. It’s a bit too business un-casual to shake on deals made with your eBC buddies, but it is cool to do a quick hand-grasp-half-hug.

4. Try to avoid making your eBusiness buddies sit through any kind of Powerpoint presentation – unless of course it is one put on by The Power Points (in which case they would not be sitting but standing up due to the excitement of it all).

5. When price or payment terms come up always say “Hey – no worries bro, we good like that”.

I’d love to hear your ideas – keep those cards and letters coming!


Old Friends

3 12 2008

mzz-friendsI think a lot about old friends. Where are they now? Are they happy?  Has life given them a fair shake? And for some unknown reason when I have these thoughts I often transition into thinking about winning the lottery. I think about how I would find them all and say “Here’s $50,000 to help you make your dream come true.”

Sometimes that is all someone needs to make their dream come true – a little working capital. If they make it big and decide to kick it back, maybe with a little something extra, hey – that’s busiiness casual.

That’s how I knew

3 12 2008

that the weekend would rock.

When you’re rockin’ it around the world with all the pretty ones and you’re always keepin’ it ebc, sometimes you can tell right when you get to the hotel room how the encounter is going to proceed.

Does anything ring of more compatibility than electricity?

And rock it did

ever so compatibly

Business Cashually

Remember you

I will so easily

And electrically

And eBC