Amazingly Beautifully eBC

29 09 2008

This morning I met the greatest cat that I have ever met.  If you see my friend, let it know that it is TOTALLY AWESOME!!!

Click for Larger Cat

Click for Larger Cat


The Sky is Falling – The Markets are Melting!

23 09 2008

I’ll admit that sometimes it is hard to stay totally eBC when there is so much business calamity surrounding us. I think that this is the time for true eBC’ers to step up to the plate and show the business stressers what we are made of. Calm, cool and collecting (our cash). Take it easy. All you need to do is walk outside to see just how fortune(nat) you are.

Some mornings are totally eBC

20 09 2008

Like this morning in particular.  I had a 9 AM with a confidante of mine, TUKOTI.COM.  When speaking to TUKOTI.COM, always keep in mind that your problems are usually solved before you can even articulate them.  If you ever converse with TUKOTI.COM, you will understand this in a very eMETAphysical sort of way.  Sometimes in life, you realize that there is an eHIGHERpower that is actually the substance of who wE arE.

So business was business and then we got down to some eBC philosophy.

He posed the following question:

“So, Silver, is going to work on a Saturday eBC or is it not eBC”?

“Interesting you should ask,” I replied.

I reminded him of something he had reminded me of oh so many years ago.

After all, TUKOTI.COM only takes an eBreak one day a week.

I paused and said to him, Well TUKOTI.COM, keep in mind, by being eBC you made money while you slept last night.  Therefore, you have to go into the office to collect your check!”

“You are wiser than your years,” TUKOTI said. “And you always will be, when you think businesss cashually.”

Some Beck Lyrics are completely eBC

20 09 2008

Like when he says:

“I’m mixing business with leather, Christmas with Heather”


“I’m mixin  fitness with leather, homework with Heather”


“My sales go triple”

Completely, Brilliantly brother.  Rock On.


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La Jolla CA May Be the Geographic Capital of

14 09 2008

That town totally cargos for it!  I saw a ton of super high end Tommy Bahama like cargos goin’ on in the streets of dt (if it isn’t obvious to you what dt stands for don’t ever read my posts again) La Jolla CA this week.  SHHHHHEEEEAAAAAHHHH!  The really eBC wannabee’s were even sportin’ the flourescent looking yellow cargos.  Only one guy, though, met the real challenge.

1. High end cargos that are a symbol.  Y

2. Light brown sandals (preferably leather) with no socks.  Y

3. Mustache. Y

4. Tanorexia. Y

5. Convertible. Y

6. Color of car : bright yellow or some other obnoxiousness that is so ever clear.

It’s the #6 that really is the kicker.  Lots of dudes out there with 5 out of 6.  Find one that has 6 out of 6 and he has met the challenge.

It was that guy that I knocked a few brews back with.  He was as eBC as me and now we do deals…

Business Cashually.