David D is totally eBC

29 08 2008

I have always had respect for David Duchovny.  He was a great competitor at the Malibu Triathlon.  And now, it seems he is moving on to philanthropy.  I have it from a really great source that David is using some his street skills with the ladies to do some volunteer work and give some of those caged up sex addicts some relief.  Take that facility by storm like you have everything else in life!  David – do they need any volunteers?  I’m totally up for it.  Keep it eBC, just like you always have.



27 08 2008

Lets get something straight right here and now.  There is no face or book involved in eBusiness Casual.  Sorry Harvard.  We don’t think out of the box here.  We think. 

Venture Capitalists : Do not contact us unless you have invested less than one million dollars in a company that has returned over 10 billion – That’s a 10,000x investment.  Basically, that’s about two of you.  You know who you are.  Otherwise, we don’t have time.  We’re busy spreadin’ the word that here at eBusinessCasual.biz

it all starts

in the street

at the feet

and we always keep it Business Cashual


20 08 2008

Serious eBusiness Casual Smokers

20 08 2008

If you are tempted to take the ‘Casual’ in eBusiness Casual to the mellowest extreme, here is the perfect gift for you or a close friend. BUY ONLINE

Keepin’ it eBusiness Casual on a Bloody Mary Sunday

20 08 2008

Breakin’ up eBC style

14 08 2008

Suppose you’ve decided to opt out of your romantic contract with someone.  As opposed to trying to talk it all out and deal with all that closure stuff, just share this song with them. 

eBusiness Casual through the eyes of a child

14 08 2008

When I was a child, I dreamed of Paris.  Dreams are totally eBusiness Casual.