Product Endorsement

30 07 2008

Business Cashual would officially like to endorse the following product:

I flippin’ completely want to discover another world in fivefingers.  Vibram totally gets it here.  Has anyone from biz cash nation worn these to a board meeting?  If so, you may have stirred it up like i did.  Could fivefingers possibly be the tassle slip-ons of the future?  Fast forward twenty years when we’re pullin’ all the strings as a nation.  Fivefingers could totally be the norm then.   What will we stir it up with in the future?  That’s for us to figure out, as a nation. 

Out predicting the predictors is easier when you work as a nation.

The benefit here is that our nation is always on the same page.

Cuz we’re always keepin’ it Business Cashual.



Old Navy is Business Cashual

30 07 2008

When monetizing clients I always advise them not to go for it…TO CARGO FOR IT. 

Yes, cargo pants are totally Business Cashual.  Old Navy totally gets this.

Pay close attention to the folllowing line in this commercial.

These pants are fit to be tied.

Let the runway be your guide.

Beautiful branding, beautiful marketing, great family experience.

Old Navy totally gets it…cuz they always keep it Business Cashual.



Bill O’reilly is not Business Cashual

30 07 2008

Does this guy write children’s books?  Bill, baby.  Slow down.  Your words and your actions speak way too loudly.  Think good thoughts, Bill.



Business Cashual Pooltime Thoughts

29 07 2008

Hat tip to Rusty for the killer business cashual links.  I definitely did some shopping on the tassle shoes link.  Which brings to the point.  How did shoe tassles come to be?  They may have come to be…Business Cashually.  Let me explain.

I recently stirred it up at a board meeting by making a very subtle wardrobe shift.  I always keep it biz cash but one day I added a very simple accent.  Instead of the standard polo shirt that I like to shake it up with, I walked in with an Op.

When I walked in with my Op shirt, they agreed to everything I said and we moved forward with MY and only MY agenda.

Good branding is just that.  A timeless little stamp that you can capitali$e on when building your own brand – or in this case your own boardroom presence.

Some days ago, a very smart man walked into a board meeting and stirred it up with tassles on his shoes.  Mens shoes have never been the same.

When is the last time you made a subtle shift that created techtonic change?  One guy did it with tassles.  I did it with an Op.

What are you going to do it with?


What’s All the Stressin’ About?

29 07 2008

We’ve all been there before – the 3 hour meeting that was supposed to be a 45 minute done-deal closer. Then out of left field comes some junior IT guy with an agenda that just has to be heard before any business can get done. Sheezze – now we all have to listen to this micro-dork stress out about redundancy and infrastructure and disaster recovery. I’m telling you buddy disaster recovery to me is getting out of this meeting and as far away from you as fast as I possibly can. I mean – can’t we all just keep it business casual?

Some Business Casual Resources

29 07 2008

> Super Valuable Business Casual Dress Guidelines

> Jos. A. Bank – the finest in business casual apparel

> JC Penny Store Locator

> Business Cashual Tassel Shoes – price comparison

New Pants

29 07 2008

My good friend (on Facebook, Friendster, Bebo, Jaiku – you name it) Kevin always said – “You are only as casual as your pants”.  Check out this super pair I just picked up at JCP.

How much you ask?

Hey – this is business casual – no need to talk price. Let me just say that I spend more at some happy hours.

LOLBKIBC (translate: Laugh Out Loud But Keep It Business Casual)